Board of Administration

By The D E C I S I O N no. 8 of the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting held on 04.04.2017 the SIF Oltenia SA Board of Administrators, consisting of 7 members, with the following structure, has been elected for a mandate of 4 years, starting from 21.04.2017:

1. Tudor Ciurezu - Chairman
2. Cristian Busu - Vice-Chairman
3. Anina Radu - Member
4. Radu Hanga - Member
5. Ana Barbara Bobirca - Member
6. Nicolae Stoian - Member
7. Carmen Popa - Member

By The D e c i s i o n no. 4/04.04.2017 the new elected Board of Administrators met on 04.04.2017 designated the persons who are to be the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.
The elected persons shall exercise the duties related to their position after the authorization by the FSA, registration with TRO Dolj, conclusion of the insurance policy and establishment of the collateral security provided by the Articles of Incorporation.
The documents needed to get the FSA authorization for the persons elected in the positions of SIF Oltenia SA administrators have been submitted and they are analysed by the Financial Supervising Authority.